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Video - Crystal-Palace-Selhurst-Park-or-Dennis-G860-Mower
Friday 31 May 2019

Crystal Palace Selhurst Park | Dennis G860 Mower

The Dennis G860 mower is used at the Selhurst Park stadium - home for Crystal Palace FC for match day preparation.

Video - G860-at-Woves-FC
Friday 24 May 2019

Wolverhampton Wanderers Molineux Stadium | Dennis G860

The Dennis G860 cassette mower cutting the pitch at Molineux stadium, home of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

Video - Cricket-Pitch-Renovation-Seminar-with-Dennis-Mowers
Thursday 16 August 2018

Cricket Pitch Renovation Seminar with Dennis Mowers

Over 130 cricket groundsmen made their way to Cheltenham College for the second ever Dennis and SISIS' Cricket Pitch Renovation Day, which featured a mix of thought provoking indoor presentations and outdoor practical demonstrations.

Video - Dennis-and-SISIS-Cricket-Renovation-Day-A-Huge-Success
Monday 24 July 2017

Dennis & SISIS Cricket Renovation Day A Huge Success

Cricket end of season renovation seminar with Dennis Mowers. The recent Dennis Mowers end of season Cricket Groundsman's Seminar saw over 150 cricket groundsmen attend the day which was hosed at St Albans School Woollam Trust in Hertfordshire.

Video - 2017-Cricket-Groundsman's-Seminar-at-Gloucestershire-CCC-The-best-ever
Monday 27 February 2017

2017 Cricket Groundsman's Seminar at Gloucestershire CCC - The best ever

Dennis and SISIS Cricket Groundsman's Seminar recorded its highest ever attendance with an impressive 260 delegates making their way to Gloucestershire County Cricket Club all looking to refresh and enhance their education on a variety of topics.