Do you have a parts price list for your machines?

The parts price list is available in a pdf format, please contact your nearest Dealer.

Can you send a parts list for your machines?

The new instruction manuals which detail operating instructions as well as parts numbers are in pdf format and can be printed off by visiting the 'Instruction Manuals’ section on this website.

We have a parts book for an FT510 but the mower details FT20?

They are the same model ( 20 stands for 20” & 510 stands for 510mm). It is the same for the FT610 & FT24

My machine has a 3 sectioned rear roller and either: the “outer's” don’t work or the shaft going through the middle is broken

The roller is in 4 sections and the middle part is 2 sections with a shaft coming out of each side. The “outer’s” contain sprung loaded plungers and they have probably stuck and require cleaning and regreasing.

How many screws in there in a bottom blade?

17” models (FT &Supersix) = 8 screws 20” models (FT, S6, Simplex) = 10 screws 24” models (FT, S6, Simplex) = 12 screws 22” models (Sport,Sport Ultra G560,Razor Ultra 560) = 8 screws 26” model (G660) = 9 screws 27” model(G680) = 10 screws 30” models (Premier & G760) = 10 screws 34” model (G860) = 12 screws 36” Model (Premier) = 12 screws Gang Mower (single unit) = 8 screws

Are there different types of bottom blades for the FT and Supersix models?

Shaver Blades on an FT or Supersix model with a 10w bladed cylinder are ‘Shaver Std’ (90 thou)or‘Shaver Thin’ (60 thou)- FT or Supersix models with 5 Bladed Cylinders are ‘Lipped blades’

What is the part number for an FT or Supersix Clutch Cable/Drive Cable?


What are the part numbers on an FT or Supersix for?

Male coupling(on the machine)- Answer: J20221 Female Coupling (on a Cassette) – Answer: J20041 Buffer Between above – Answer: J20222

Can we get a 3 jaw engine coupling?

No, they are now 4 jaw couplings

Can you tell me the part number for the coupling next to the engine(ex 3 jaw)?

7/8 bore (FT & Supersix models only) – Answer: 228102 Element (All models) – Answer: 228103 ¾ bore (All models) – Answer:228011 *Please check Shaft Size before ordering

Can I change the bearings on the front roller of an FT model?

Part A – If you have the old style front roller (with black plastic end caps) the bearings cannot be changed and a complete front roller is required:- part number for 20” front roller is 800502- part number for 24” front roller is 800503. Part B – If you have the newer style front roller (with a nut through an oil Seal) then the bearings can be changed:-part number for the bearing is J209105- part number for the oil seal is J209071

What’s the lowest height of cut my machine should cut to?

FT Range = 3mm Razor Ultra 560 = 3mm Simplex Range = 6mm G560 & G680 = 6mm Supersix Range = 6mm G660/G760/G860 = 6mm Premier = 6mm Gang Mowers = 6mm

The question I want to ask is not listed - what do I do?

If you have a question which has not been answered by the above, please email spares@howardsongroup.com with your question and we will reply with an answer as soon as possible.