Cassette Mowers

As the original manufacturer of the interchangeable cassette system, our quick change cassette mower systems give our machines the ultimate flexibility by using the same power unit for cutting, scarifying, verti-cutting and brushing. With in-excess of 5,000 machines serving the groundscare industry and 16 different cassettes, the Dennis cassette system is the most robust and flexible solution in the industry.

FT Range - Thumbnail.jpeg

FT Range

Interchangeable cassette system, available as 17" (43cm), 20" (51cm) and 24" (61cm) widths ideal for all areas of fine turf.

SuperSix - Thumbnail.jpeg

Super Six Range

The professionals choice for cutting ornamental lawns, gardens and sports areas such as golf tees and surrounds.

G660,760,860 - Thumbnail.jpeg

G660, G760 & G860

Found at many of the best football and rugby stadia, racecourse parade rings, athletics tracks and on the lawns of many famous houses across the country, and now around the world.

ES-510 - Thumbnail.jpeg

ES-510, ES-610

20” (510mm) and 24” (610mm) battery powered turf maintenance systems which utilise the same range of interchangeable cassettes as the Dennis FT.

ES-760, ES-860 - Thumbnail.jpeg

ES-760, ES-860

30” (760mm) and 34” (860mm battery powered turf maintenance systems which build on our considerable experience of the Dennis G-Series machines, incorporating the same wide range of interchangeable cassettes to cut, scarify, verticut, brush and surface spike.

Cassette Options

With 16 types of cassette, the Dennis cassette system provides maximum versatility from a single machine delivering professional-level cutting, scarifying, brushing, vertical-cutting, sorrel rolling, slitting and raking.

Our cassettes can be used on both electric or petrol machines and we also offer an optional cassette stand to aid with storage and access.

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