E-Series By Dennis

The No-Compromise Battery Range

Launched in 2022, high profile tournaments, stadia and education establishments in the UK and Worldwide are already experiencing the benefits the E-Series no-compromise alternative to petrol machines.

E-Series by Dennis

Professional battery life and range, with ultra low noise and vibration. This is an uncompromising low CO2 alternative to the petrol machines.

ES-30, ES-36 - Thumbnail.jpeg

ES-30, ES-36

30”(760mm) and 36” (910mm) battery powered mowers built on the foundations of the long established Dennis Premier, a favourite amongst many grounds staff.

ES-34R - Thumbnail.jpeg


34” (860mm) battery powered twin blade rotary mower for fine turf cutting and cleaning up operations.

ES-510 - Thumbnail.jpeg

ES-510, ES-610

20” (510mm) and 24” (610mm) battery powered turf maintenance systems which utilise the same range of interchangeable cassettes as the Dennis FT.

ES-22-Ultra - Thumbnail.jpeg

ES-22 Ultra

Using a 7 or 11 bladed cutting cylinder and groomer reel, this 560mm (22”) battery mower produces a quality of cut which provides an ultra fine finish on bowling greens, golf greens and tees, and cricket pitches.

ES-22 - Thumbnail.jpeg


Ultra quiet battery mower with a 560mm (22”) cutting width. With its 7 or 11 bladed cylinder and ‘no tools’ required height of cut control, an ultra fine finish for that desired playing surface can be achieved.

ES-20, ES-24 & ES-26

Ultra quiet, low vibration and easy to use battery mowers that builds upon many of Dennis proven designs. Available with 7 or 10 bladed cylinders, these mowers provide maximum performance whether cutting around complex shaped lawns or sporting surfaces that require a fine cut.

ES-Verticut TT

Designed with ease of operator control in mind and providing the ultimate verti-cutting, this range of ultra quiet and low hand arm vibration battery machines put you in control of your turfs performance. Reliable, long lasting and capable of verti-cutting 2-3 bowling greens on a single charge.

ES-760, ES-860

30” (760mm) and 34” (860mm battery powered turf maintenance systems which build on our considerable experience of the Dennis G-Series machines, incorporating the same wide range of interchangeable cassettes to cut, scarify, verticut, brush and surface spike.

Client Feedback


  • The ES – 34R battery life is unbelievable, one mower will do a whole pitch and you can still have at least 40% battery life left.

    Ian Lucas

    AFC Bournemouth
  • With the ES-860 mowers we can be on the pitch next to the players while they are training, and they are so quiet that they do not stop us. It is a vast improvement in productivity.

    Scott Brooks

    Grounds Manager – OGC Nice, France
  • Battery Equipment has come a long way in the last few years, but I believe Dennis has gone a step further and made it even better. We no longer have to wear ear defenders, have no vibrations or noise. Electric is no longer the future, its the now.

    Richard Dexter

    Head of Grounds & Gardens - Oakham School

Why professionals are choosing E-Series?

Working closely with established partners allowed us to develop the innovative V150 & H570 powertrain systems. These are optimised for our industry to power our smaller and larger machines respectively.

We only use high quality UK and EU manufactured Lithium ion battery packs, chosen because they're capable of multi thousand recharges and power without range anxiety.

Discharge of power is fully controlled by a bespoke battery management module maintaining power output and most importantly controlling temperature to maximise battery life.

Whilst these high-performance cells add considerably to the initial purchase price of the machine you are in effect buying fuel in advance. With a full recharge costing approximately 80 pence in electricity, this represents more than 10-fold saving vs. the petrol that would be used to do the same task. Two high performance, high efficiency motors with final, low noise belt drives to roller and blades are controlled by management modules all situated in a protective casing on the machine minimising exposed wiring.

Operator controls could not be simpler. All models are fitted with a weather proof colour LCD programmable display and keypad on the dashboard which operates the machine and feeds back all the information the operator requires. This includes ground speed, cuts per metre, battery charge level, hour meter, battery charging history, instructions and much more. This can be easily updated and customised to suit individual customer requirements.

Our E-Series range helps turf professionals meet sustainability and environmental initiatives:

  • Minimise Carbon Footprint
  • Minimise Emissions
  • Lower Running Costs
  • Minimise HAV’s
  • Minimise Noise
  • No Range Anxiety