SP20001_REV7 - FT
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We have a parts book for an FT510 but the mower details FT20?

They are the same model ( 20 stands for 20” & 510 stands for 510mm). It is the same for the FT610 & FT24

Are there different types of bottom blades for the FT and Supersix models?

Shaver Blades on an FT or Supersix model with a 10w bladed cylinder are ‘Shaver Std’ (90 thou)or‘Shaver Thin’ (60 thou)- FT or Supersix models with 5 Bladed Cylinders are ‘Lipped blades’

What is the part number for an FT or Supersix Clutch Cable/Drive Cable?


What are the part numbers on an FT or Supersix for?

  • Male coupling(on the machine): J20221
  • Female Coupling (on a Cassette): J20041
  • Buffer Between above: J20222