Tuesday 14 November 2023

Seeding is simple with the Dennis S500

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The Dennis S500 Plus seeder is helping to get the lawns into shape at Cheltenham Ladies’ College according to Ross Spry, Head of Grounds and Gardens.

After initially starting his career in greenkeeping, Ross Spry has been working for various colleges in the UK for over a decade. At Cheltenham Ladies’ College he oversees a grounds team consisting of seven members of staff who tend to the sports facilities and gardens.

Somewhat of a perfectionist, Ross recognised that the College lawns needed some attention and was quick to act.

“The lawns were not in the best shape, and there was a lot of weeds and moss, and thatch build-up in them,” he said. “We bought a scarifier and an aerator to try and alleviate this problem, but I wanted a machine to put seed back into the ground effectively rather than just broadcasting it.

“We looked at various brands of seeders and we found the Dennis S500 Plus to be the best for us.”

Ideal for bowls, cricket, golf and other fine turf and ornamental lawn areas, the dual-purpose Dennis S500 Plus has a 510mm (20") operating width complete with interchangeable spiker and slotter reels. The spiker reel punches through the ‘surface pan’ allowing air, water and fertiliser to penetrate the root zone, while the slotter reel creates ideal seed germination pockets thus reducing seed wastage. Using the optional seed box attachment will ensure grass seed is dropped onto the ground at the prescribed rate and brushed into the pockets.

“We normally seed in the spring and autumn and before using the S500 Plus we apply a selective weedkiller to try and get rid of the weeds and moss,” said Ross.

“It is so simple to use, and it does exactly what we want it to do. It’s not heavy and it is nice and compact. Some of the lawns at the school are very small, so to have a seeder the size of the S500 Plus is ideal. It is also a lot more accurate than doing it by hand – you get more contact with the soil and better germination.

“The S500 Plus’ best feature is just how user friendly it is and it makes the task of seeding enjoyable.”