Friday 5 February 2016

Dennis & SISIS at BTME 2016

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With a particular focus on golf course maintenance, visitors to the joint stand can look forward to finding out more about these products as well as speaking with their experienced staff who will be available to answer any queries and offer valuable advice.

Flying the flag for SISIS will be the Rotorake 600HD pedestrian scarifier, the Rotorake TM1000 tractor mounted scarifier and the Javelin Aer-Aid 1500 tractor mounted aerator.

The Rotorake TM1000 features five quick release interchangeable reels to aid the removal and control of thatch and helps reduce standing surface water by improving water infiltration. The 600HD is a heavy duty pedestrian scarifier and linear aerator which can be used for regular, routine use at a shallow or a deeper setting as and when required.

The Javelin Aer-Aid is a tractor mounted vertical action air injection aerator. The Aer-Aid system injects air directly into the root zone speeding up the aeration process, moving air uniformly throughout the root zone for complete aeration and not just where the tines have penetrated the surface.

From the Dennis range, visitors can expect to see the Razor Ultra 560 mower which has a 560mm (22”) cutting width and a number of other key features all designed to keep a golf course in pristine condition including an 11 bladed cutting cylinder, ultra-short wheelbase for undulating surfaces, tungsten tipped groomer, compact handle design for extra manoeuvrability, click height adjusters with 0.25 increments and stub free transport wheels for easy transport from site to site.

The Dennis FT510, which has a cutting width of 510mm (20”), will also be showcased at the exhibition. This unique mower has a range of 11 interchangeable cassettes meaning that one machine can be used for several key maintenance tasks from cutting, scarifying, verticutting or brushing.

BTME takes place in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, from 19-21 January 2015.

Further information about the range of maintenance products available can be found by visiting /

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    Dennis & SISIS at BTME 2016